Leffler, M.P. and Westad, O.A eds, The Cambridge History of the Cold War Series Vol. 1, 2, 3


2016 11월 세미나 기록

일시: 2016년 11 16() 18:30-21:30

장소: 동아시아연구원

참석하영선, 손열, 전재성, 김준석, 손병권, 김헌준, 차태서, 이중구, 용채영

리딩 및 발제: Leffler, M.P. and Westad, O.A eds, "The Cambridge History of the Cold War" Series Vol. 1, 2, 3

손병권 제1권 22장 Mark Philip Bradley, "Decolonization, the global South, and the Cold War,19191962"

전재성 제1권 11장 Niu Jun, "The birth of the People’s Republic of China and the road to the Korean War"

         제1권 13장 William Stueck, "The Korean War"

김헌준 제3권 9장 Chen Jian, "China and the Cold War after Mao"

         제2권 21장 Rosemary Foot, "The Cold War and human rights"

이중구 제1권 15장 Vojtech Mastny, "Soviet foreign policy, 1953~1962"

차태서 제3권 1장 Jan-Werner Müller, “The Cold War and the Intellectual History of the Late Twentieth Century,”


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